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Extensive and ever-expanding KYC requirements complicate the process of opening bank accounts for foreign individuals or legal entities in connection with the incorporation of an Austrian LLC (GmbH).

Austrian GmbHs can only operate after a specific trade has been registered with the relevant trade authority. The requirements for obtaining a trade license are sometimes very different.

In order to get off to a good start in Austria with a newly founded company, there are a few things to consider. Not only on a bureaucratic level, but also on a human level. The Austrian Business Agency – Invest in Austria is specialised in helping founders from the very beginning and supporting them with free, personal advice.

The so-called phantom stock program is nothing more than a virtual participation program in the company. On a contractual basis, an incentive for key employees (and other consultants) of the company is made possible through participation of the individual in the economic success of the company.

It is almost a miracle that "data protection" has not yet been declared the no-go word of the year among entrepreneurs. Most people think at first of the "GDPR", effort, costs and frighteningly high fines.

After recent calls for separate aid packages for start-ups, the German government is now taking this into account. Two funds with a total volume of EUR 150 million will be made available. The funds come partly from private investors and partly from the federal budget.

Every crisis also brings with it opportunities that need to be seized. Keyword: anti-cyclical behaviour. This also and especially applies to start-ups. But not for everyone and not in every economic segment.

kontractory by DWP | Law | simple, fast, self-determined, cost transparent and digital.

Welcome to the future of legal services.

From the very beginning, our objective of "kontractory by DWP" was to contribute to the digitisation of the Austrian legal system. We worked on kontractory by DWP for several months. The result is an innovative offer, which we will briefly describe in the following.

The GmbH is the most popular legal form in Austria and rightly so. In the following article we will present essential aspects in connection with the incorporation of an Austrian GmbH.

For some time now, real estate has enjoyed great popularity as a capital investment, since living is an essential basic need of every human being and it is usually a stable, valuable investment. In the following article, we will therefore examine the essential legal aspects in connection with the purchase of a property.