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Our experienced attorneys will reliably support you in your concerns - whether in the examination of your own will or as the affected party of a will.

The numerous formal requirements for the various types of testamentary dispositions (whether they are made by hand or by third parties, bequests) and the often complex need for regulation (e.g. family relationships, assets, companies) often present major hurdles for a legally valid and appropriate design and establishment.

Also, the last reform of the law of succession in 2017 and recent decisions of the Supreme Court have brought some innovations which should be considered in any case.

Examine Testament
  • Examination of the testament
  • Answering questions | Recommendations for action
  • Advice from specialized attorneys
  • Communication: personal, telephone, e-mail, video call etc.
€ 250 excl. VAT

Gross amount: € 300 incl. VAT