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Incorporation of limited partnership (KG)

Only a few steps to your limited partnership (KG)

A Kommanditgesellschaft (KG) is a form of company (limited partnership) in which two or more persons join together. At least one partner has unlimited liability to company creditors (general partner) and at least one partner (limited partner) has only limited liability - up to the amount of the liability sum. The formation of a KG is possible for any permitted purpose.

Our offer includes all essential steps - from the necessary contract­documentation to the registration in the commercial register.

You can find out whether a KG is also suitable for your case via our website or contact us directly.

You can also find out whether the OG is also suitable in your case via our Legal-Form-Check or contact us directly.

Speed up the foundation process with our contract assistant.

Our Offer

  • Preparation of the articles of association
  • Coordination with specialised lawyers
  • Checking the desired company name
  • Preparation of the other founding documents
  • Settlement with commercial register court

Advantages and Benefits

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Simple and fast communication
  • Efficient foundation process
  • Minimization of later need for changes

Use Case

The conclusion of the partnership agreement is possible in any form (also verbally). To create transparency and clarity between the shareholders, we recommend in any case a written agreement.

Incorporation of limited partnership (KG)
  • Articles of association and other incorporation documentation
  • Included legal advice (up to 2 hours)
  • Verification of the company name including coordination with the commercial register
  • Communication: personal, telephone, e-mail, video call etc.
  • Coordination with notary's office
  • Registration with the commercial register
€ 1.190,- excl. VAT

Gross Price: € 1.428,- incl. VAT

Note: Third-party costs (e.g. company registration fees) vary and are charged separately