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Lasting Power of Attorney

Prepare in time with a valid power of attorney

The lasting power of attorney (Vorsorgevollmacht) is a precautionary power of attorney. It only comes into force when the authorizing person is no longer capable of making decisions. The power of attorney is therefore a precautionary instrument.

In principle, any adult person can be the authorized representative. As a rule, however, one authorizes persons with whom the authorizer has a trust-based relationship (e.g. spouse, children, grandchildren, etc.). It is also possible to authorize more than one person.

The areas for which the power of attorney is granted can be determined individually. Typical areas include representation before authorities, residential matters, financial matters and health matters.

The power of attorney may be revoked at any time by the person granting the power of attorney vis-à-vis the authorized representative.

Our Offer

  • Preparation of the lasting power of attorney
  • Coordination with specialized attorneys
  • Signature of the PoA before an attorney
  • Registration of the PoA in the Austrian Central Representative Directory

Advantages and Benefits

  • Tailor-made power of attorney
  • Easy and fast communication
  • Minimization of legal uncertainties
  • Advice from specialized attorneys

Use Case

As the name suggests, a lasting power of attorney is signed as a precautionary power of attorney. Should an emergency occur and no power of attorney for precaution exists, an adult representative (formerly known as a custodian) could be appointed, who can make decisions without consultation.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)
  • Preparation of the individualized power of attorney
  • Included legal advice (up to 1 hour)
  • Signature appointment before an attorney
  • Registration in the Austrian Central Directory of Representatives (ÖZVV)
  • Communication: personal, telephone, e-mail, video call etc.
€ 400 excl. VAT

Gross amount: € 480 incl. VAT