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PoA GmbH Incorporation

Representation at the incorporation of an LLC (GmbH)

By issuing a power of attorney, individual or all founders of a GmbH can be represented by other persons (e.g. co-partner, lawyer, other person of trust) during the formation (in particular with regard to the conclusion of the articles of association and the resolution on the appointment of the first management).

The power of attorney must be a special power of attorney and must be sufficiently individualised with regard to the company to be founded (e.g. by means of name, registered office, object of the company, share capital).

Since the articles of association or the declaration of formation (in the case of individual founders) must be in notarial form, the power of attorney to form must also be issued in writing and the signature of the person giving the power of attorney must be certified by a court or notary.

PoA GmbH Incorporation
  • Preparation of the individual power of attorney
  • Final examination by attorney
  • Communication: personal, telephone, e-mail, video call etc.
  • Coordination with a notary's office
€ 80 excl. VAT

Gross amount: € 96,- incl. VAT